A Healthy Lifestyle

In order to maintain good health, we need to focus on a healthy diet and lifestyle. Simply put, a healthy lifestyle is based on three elements: variation in foods and meals, a balanced energy intake and enough physical activity to prevent weight gain. A healthy diet includes ample fruits and vegetables, a balanced carbohydrate, fat and protein intake, and avoiding high intake of salt, refined carbohydrates, saturated fats and trans fats.
A healthy and balanced diet relies on variation and moderation. Foods high in saturated fats require moderate consumption. From a nutritional perspective, the replacement of palm oil with other fats and oils in food products may lead to both favorable and unfavorable effects. Current consumption levels of palm oil, as suggested by data from France should not raise a particular concern.

The risk of being overweight

Weight management is crucial for overall well-being and health. The risk of being overweight is one of the concerns associated with the total amount of fat in food. Reviews show that caloric restriction rather than specific macronutrient restriction is the key determinant of weight loss (Mozaffarian 2011). The 2010 FAO/WHO Expert Consultation on Fats and fatty acids in Human Nutrition indicated that energy balance is critical to maintaining healthy body weight and ensuring optimal nutrient intakes, regardless of macronutrient distribution of energy as % total fat and % total carbohydrates (FAO/WHO 2010).